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Combining form for neck

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(Definition to Combining Form). DEFINITION. COMBINING FORM abdomen . neck cervic/o nerve neur/o neuroglia; gluey substance gli/o new; recent ne/o night.

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cervic/o. A combining form meaning "neck" is _. ? ? ? my/o. A combining form meaning "muscle" other than muscul/o or myos/o is

_. ? ? ? Medical Term Combining Forms Listed here are all of the prefixes, suffixes and combining forms printed on the inside of the front and back . jugu-, The neck. Prefixes, Suffixes and Combining Forms . cervico Neck; neck of an organ. chol-

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Q Self-Instruction: Combining Forms Study the following: COMBINING FORM | MEANING cervic/o neck or cervix colp/o, vagin/o vagina (sheath) episi/o, vulv/oagog-. Combining Form leading, drawing forth. arch-, -arche. Combining Form beginning, origin. cervic-, cervix. Combining Form neck (of the uterus), cervix uteri. cervico- 1 neck, 2 uterine cervix cheil- lip cheilo- lip cheir- hand cheiro- hand -form in the form or shape of galact- milk galacto- milk gastr- 1 stomach, 2 belly. Cervic- is the medical terminology combining form meaning neck. Cervic- is the cancerous The full combining form is 'carcin/o' meaning cancer or cancerous. Jan 4, 2015 - cervico Neck; neck of an organ. combining form meaning leading or drawing forth. ? ? ? my/o. combining form meaning beginning or origin. Within the question text below, there is one text entry field where you can enter your answer. A combining form meaning "neck" is . (Don't forget to write your

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